About HVS

The IntuBrite Hypervisualization System (HVS) is an award-winning, patented dual ultra violet and white LED lighting design that enables bright, clear laryngeal views to be generated by IntuBrite laryngoscopy devices in all airways, even those complicated by the presence of blood, emesis and secretions. Incorporating a white LED tuned to the “cooler” colors of the spectrum (blues, greens and lower frequency yellows) and eliminating the “hot” colors (high frequency yellows, reds and near infra-reds) allows the IntuBrite HVS to generate 2-4 times the overall lumens of competitor illumination systems, and produce a more brilliant, glareless airway view.


Additionally, the invisible light from the ultraviolet LED excites the molecular structure of airway tissues – especially those with a high phosphorous content like the vocal cords – causing them to self-illuminate, or glow.

This proprietary HVS lighting system is featured in all of IntuBrite’s direct laryngoscopy devices. It enables the delivery of 2-4x the total lumens of competitor laryngoscopy equipment without the accompanying glare and feedback commonly present with the use of conventional fiber optic laryngoscopes. Note the distinct difference in the comparative laryngeal views shown below:



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