About IntuBrite

The idea for IntuBrite’s HyperVisualization SystemTM was developed by a working Fire Captain/Paramedic in Southern California. While experimenting with various methods of illuminating the airway passages, it was discovered “black light” would cause the vocal cords to “glow” white in stark contrast to the surrounding structures and tissue. Research into this phenomenon, discovered that the vocal cords, being ligamentous, contained high levels of phosphorous which, when struck by the black light, would “phosphoresce”. Further experimentation, varying the wavelength of UV light and adding a spectrally specific white LED light, produced an even more dramatic visual “landscape” inside the airway passage, using shadow and light variation to better outline the texture and structure of areas within the field of view. Furthermore, the combination of UV and white LED lights appeared to effectively diminish the reflectivity from fluids within the passage, providing greatly enhanced visualization of anatomy and vocal cords.

IntuBrite obtained permission from the office of the Medical Examiner in San Diego, California to take real-time photographs of the tissues in cadaver airways. These photographs clearly documented the hypervisualization effects produced by the newly developed lighting protocol. Today… While keeping a firm grasp of its beginnings, IntuBrite has taken the initial idea of a new dual-lighted blade to an entire airway management system. Privately funded, and with a distinguished Board of Directors and advisors along with a growing corporate team, IntuBrite has created the HyperVisualization System. The system incorporates the original idea of the UV/White LED- illuminated blade, an ergonomic handle and fluorescent coated stylet. All of these tools, combined together, give an unprecedented advantage to securing an airway and ET tube.

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