Benefits of Disposable Laryngoscope Systems

Conversion to IntuBrite disposable laryngoscopy systems can substantially simplify operations, decrease costs and eliminate the risk and expense associated with potential cross-contamination. This can lead to substantially more efficient and cost-effective methods for adherence to regulatory guidelines and audit standards.
Some of common expenses eliminated include:

  1. Loss and replacement of reusable equipment through inadvertent disposal and theft
  2. Wear and breakage due to repeated sterilizations and dis-assembly/assembly
  3. Accumulation of excess inventory as departments guard against running short
  4. Labor costs in collecting, decontaminating, sterilizing, packaging, sorting and delivering equipment

Additionally, with risk to patients and associated un-reimbursed costs of hospital-acquired infections a growing concern, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are converting to disposable laryngoscopy equipment at a quickly increasing rate. To download a spreadsheet to help structure an analysis of your organization’s reusable equipment costs and better understand how IntuBrite’s disposable equipment can save expense and improve patient care, click HERE.

Our disposable laryngoscopy systems are the highest quality and best performing laryngoscopy devices available. Blades are provided in all MacIntosh, Miller and Philips sizes. Each design features stainless steel construction and incorporates IntuBrite’s proprietary HVS white/ultraviolet LED lighting.

IntuBrite high power disposable handles are unique among competitor devices in that they feature all metal construction, and are available in adult, stubby and pediatric sizes. Each is provided with 5 year storage/performance dating on the package.

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